How to Get Started 



Step 1

Review our class schedule by clicking the link that says "CLASS SCHEDULE" in the main menu and decide on a class you would like to attend based on your availability. Then email us at or call the gym at 978-228-5268 and let us know when you would like to come in and try a class. 

Step 2

Show up to your class about 10 minutes early dressed to workout. We will have you fill out a liability waiver and discuss any limitations you may have so that the coach can appropriately modify the workout to fit your needs. Work hard, listen to your coach, make a few friends, and enjoy the experience. 



Step 3

After completing your trial class, you will no doubt want to become a part of the CrossFit Affirmation family and apply for membership. Choose the best membership option for you and we'll work with you to schedule your introductory OnRamp Course so you can join group classes as soon as possible.